Global Investment Research

Streamline your report authoring & workflow

Author graphically appealing publications with embedded conditional intelligence to retrieve relevant data to aid the authoring process, while allowing each user enormous flexibility to finalize their publications. Seek efficient approval within a robust workflow management capability to reduce turn-around-times in the publication process.

Robust compliance control & disclosure management

Ensure compliance against capital markets regulations as well as internal checks and controls. Marry your organization’s complex compliance requirements with the ease of approval of documents with the appropriate disclaimers and disclosures for each publication.

Intelligent Digital Access Rights Management

Controlling access to your publications is critical for your commercial success and getting paid for it! We ensure complete control of the digital distribution journey of your publications either via third-party portals or direct distribution to end clients, including appropriate presentation layers - PDF and/or HTML.

Insightful analytics around content consumption

Distributing your content to your audience in an easy to consume manner is the first step towards your commercial engagement. Track readership patterns across the client base allowing for better understanding of effectiveness and efficacy of the publishing organization.

Robust Document Authoring - best investment research organization

Robust Document Authoring

Produce effective documents in a template form within a few clicks of the mouse.

Embed data fields in the document within tables and charts for easy refresh and publication

Smart templates that have embedded conditional references to deliver on-the-fly customization to each user of the templates

Ability to embed market data (i.e., stock prices, indices, exchange rates etc.) within templates to create derived data (i.e., valuation multiples, economic performance metrics etc.)

Quality Control & Consistency with best CRM System

Quality Control & Consistency

Maintain consistency and discipline in publications from a branding and look-n-feel perspective

Violation checks in the workflow approval process to ensure nothing is missed in the final published document

Ensure adherence to internal controls within the organization around workflow and document approval

Maintain consistency in publications across PDFs, HTML, and via emails

One Central Repository - portfolio monitoring

One Central Repository

Maintain all elements of the authoring and workflow process within one central repository

One central repository that stores documents, financial models and other data-heavy storage files, a relational database for valuation data and other industry specific KPIs

Cloud-friendly storage that allows for easy retrieval both inside the outside the organization, with appropriate security credentials

A central repository of all final publications in the form of a library with portal access at the frontend for your customers

Intelligent Workflow Approval - company report

Intelligent Workflow Approval

Robust and flexible workflow approval capability built into the MS Office suite

Easy to adapt and modify workflow steps that cater to each organization’s internal controls and checks

For those publishing investment research, we ensure the workflow approval process ensure FINRA rule 2241 compliance

Full audit trail management and storage capability for all documents through the workflow process

Versatile Regulatory Compliance - global investment research

Versatile Regulatory Compliance

No matter what your jurisdiction we ensure peace of mind when it comes to regulatory compliance

Sophisticated disclosure/disclaimer management with each publication having the appropriate text to ensure comfort

Maintain a robust document management system that maintains an historical log of all activities within the workflow process for possible regulatory scrutiny

Multi-jurisdictional compliance: FINRA Rule 2241; FCA Research Rules; MiFID II etc.

Secure Content Distribution - research publishing

Secure Content Distribution

Powerful rules-based distribution engine, accurately capturing your client’s preferences on what they like to receive

Seamlessly feed of publications to Bloomberg; FactSet; Thomson Reuters, Wall Street Systems, Capital IQ, and IFIS

Distribution preferences are easy to maintain and syncs back and forth with your CRM platform

Each distribution link to individual recipients, embedded with proper tracking and access rights control

White-labelled Publication Portal

White-labelled Publication Portal

Have access to an out-the-box publication library with your branding and ease of access to your clients

Publication links distributed via emails to clients can land back on the research library for broader engagement

A library of publications, videos, access to financial models, valuation data and other data points of relevance

Build greater mind-share and brand presence across the digital eco-system when it comes to content delivery and customer engagement

Insightful Readership Intelligence on research publishing

Insightful Readership Intelligence

Track your customers’ consumption behavior on your publications with high levels of accuracy

Capture email traffic as well as click-thru-rates on content delivered to individual clients

Bring readership across third-party channels (i.e., Bloomberg, FirstCall, CapitalIQ, Eikon etc.) into your analysis

Measure engagement of publication across authors, thematic as well as types of publication.