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Matching customer Preferences to Service Delivery

One of the greatest challenges in the institutional stock broking world is the intelligent mapping of customer preferences to the service they receive. Our capability ensures you can continuously measure and track customer engagement against their needs and re-calibrate as often to achieve highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Integrated Communication and Activities Tracking

InsightsCRM delivers integration across all modes of communication: click-to-dial; MS Outlook; and Zoom; when it comes to customer communication and engagement. All such communication is recorded as Activities undertaken to aid proper accountability across the client service value chain.

Actionable Insights on Client Engagement

InsightsCRM delivers deep insights on the client service experience; data-driven insights! It delivers enormous versatility to your reporting needs, delivered to your inbox or at the press of a button. Revenue v/s Budget reporting; individual client engagement or account level engagement reporting; the system always supports your needs.

Insightful Account Management Capabilities

The complexity of the client engagement challenge is enormous in the world of institutional stock broking. Consequently, individual client accounts and their deft handling requires a set of tools that aid decision-making and deliver superior customer engagement. InsightsCRM does just that!

Sales CRM to manage integrated call list

Integrated Call List Management

Create and manage targeted Call Lists at each CRM user level focused on their active clients.

Get alerted on clients that have not been spoken to or engaged over a pre-set time period.

Interactive lists that allow for easy click through to sending emails, making phones calls or booking meetings with a client.

One-Click to get into the complete profile of an individual client with significant level of clarity and richness in their engagement.

Proactivee Account Management with Sales & Finance CRM

Proactive Account Management

Powerful graphic interface to align service level priorities at the account level and then working into individual client preferences.

Transparency and accountability at every level of the Account structure with special emphasis on decision-making insights.

Real-time view of all high value services consumed as well as relative to similar accounts if an individual account is above or below service level engagement.

Measure High Value Engagement as a percentage of Overall Engagement to judge revenue-versus-Cost of Service metrics.

Integrated Communications Capability - Financial CRM

Integrated Communications Capability

Across the board communication integration with Click-2-dial, MS Outlook integration; and virtual meeting integration with Zoom.

Click-2-Dial (CTD) integration over a few options – Omnigage CTD; Twilio CTD; CTI integration as well as EPABX integration.

Book virtual client meetings either ad-hoc or as part of the Roadshows management functionality, using Zoom or MS Teams.

An Integrated Call Interactions Interface that allows full visual insight on all pending tasks on a particular client, when live on a phone conversation with the client.

Analyst and Corporate Access Management - business intelligence support

Analyst and Corporate Access Management

Analyst and Corporate Access management via a versatile set of workflow tools, ensuring accuracy and better client targeting.

Integration with MS Outlook for calendar sync as well as Zoom for virtual meetings.

Intelligent targeting of clients based on their interests and service level priorities; including the corporate’s preference to meet a particular asset manager.

Marry investment holdings data (Refinitiv) and client contacts data to deliver more intelligent targeting of the client base.

Versatile Management Reporting Capability of CRM Software

Versatile Management Reporting

Ensure complete transparency and accountability across the entire client service value chain.

Create customizable reports with insightful data and analytics to drive your decision-making.

Proactively track revenue generation against budgeted numbers; with lead indicators on outperformance or underperformance.

Experience the iTunes of Management Reporting – Vast number of custom reporting, generated on the press of a button!

Track Investor Sentiments & Outlook as a Company Report

Track Investor Sentiments & Outlook

When servicing clients, client feedback is critical to the next stage of engagement. We deliver easy ways to capture investor feedback and use it for future engagement activities.

Ability to tag clients to positive-negative-neutral tags on specific tickers or investment themes, allows for a richer engagement over time.

Aggregate customer (investor) feedback over time to see what is driving overall sentiment on a ticker or an Issuer.

Identify inflexion points across your client base on the feedback captured in the CRM to make insightful client service decisions.

Marry Ownership Data to Client Service in CRM Software

Marry Ownership Data to Client Service

Integrated within the CRM is the global stock ownership data of Refinitiv, covering over 180,000 institutional investor professionals across 29,000 institutions and over 40,000 funds.

Use ownership and holdings data within the CRM to drive more effective engagement of the client base.

Integration of the ownership data within the Analyst and Corporate Access functionality ensures stronger participation from the client base.

Versatile screening tools to aid client targeting based on either ownership of a particular stock or location of the investor base.

Dashboards to Drive User Level Engagement

Dashboards to Drive User Level Engagement

Highly engaged and interactive Dashboards for the individual client as well as Account; including the CRM user.

Dashboard to drive Call-to-Action as well as bring to the forefront the most important aspects of client service for each user of the system.

Provide a bird-eye view to all important Actions: To Do items; Meetings; Follow Ups; Alerts etc.

Transparency and accountability at every level of client service

Deliver Interactions Data - Analyst Report

Deliver Interactions Data

Client Interactions data is increasingly sort by the Asset Managers when make payout decisions to their broker-dealers.

Interactions Data delivered from our CRM seamlessly to the likes of Bloomberg, Visible Alpha and Dealogic.

Provide interactions data extractions to internal team members in the client organization to run their specific analytics and reporting at their end.

Services delivered and consumed by the client and its effectiveness measured based on feedback received from the clientele.