MiFID II and Unbundling... The Changing Client Servicing Equation

MiFID II and Unbundling - The Changing Client Servicing Equation

Oct 6, 2016
by Indy Sarker

The advent of " unbundling " commissions and MiFID II compliance in Europe will change the client service model (from broker-dealers to asset managers) forever. Full service brokers as well as asset managers will have to evolve to remain competitive and viable. Research and related services from broker-dealers to asset managers have to be "priced" explicitly. Additionally, asset managers have to be more accountable to their asset owners when it comes to paying brokers for their services. Consequently, the use of data and related analytics as part of the client service value chain is likely to grow in its importance. Intelligent technology solutions to manage the evolving client relationships will be integral to long-run commercial sustainability for broker-dealers, while helping with the accountability requests of the buy-side.


Michael Mayhew - Principal, Integrity Research


Indy Sarker - CEO & Co-Founder, ANALEC

John Colon - Managing Director, Greenwich Associates

John McGough - Global Head of Business Development, Castine Consulting

Larry Tabb - Founder and CEO, TABB Group