Sales and Trading Organization

ANALEC ClientManager is a CRM platform that caters specifically to the stock broking and investment banking industries. It seamlessly integrates investment research, sales, trading, and sales-trading divisions at the front end of the client servicing business to deliver a superior client service experience. ClientManager as a CRM platform has pushed the boundaries when it comes to comparisons with traditional CRM-type solutions by delivering to the client service organization the ability to measure profitability of each individual client organization; increasingly relevant to aid efficient resource allocation decisions with the service organization.

Empower your client service organization

A capital markets CRM suite offering arrange of integrated and easy to use client servicing tools that ensure each touch-point of the client servicing relationship – calls, emails, meetings, roadshows, conference, research consumption, client feedback etc. – are not only captured but iteratively feeds the client service process.

Boost client profitability

Helps your organization fight the classic 80:20 challenge, wherein 20% of your clients are responsible for 80% of your business. The ClientManager CRM optimizes your sales & trading footprint across your clients, on the basis of importance, priorities, and revenue generation potential.

Actionable business intelligence

A CRM without user friendly management reporting tools is suboptimal. ANALEC ClientManager CRM offers versatile management reporting tools that are able to meet your regular but also bespoke reporting needs, without delay or tedium; improving quality of decision-making across the organization.

Account Management made easy

ClientManager CRM delivers proactive and easy to use account management capabilities, thereby ensuring at all times, the client is central to all discussions and activities. In other words, a CRM that is client-centric as opposed to sales-centric.

Call List Management

Unified user interface to list your individual clients, their priorities, their service needs, and any pending tasks against any of them

Individual client lists feeding activity into the Account Management structure to ensure all servicing activities are tracked at both the individual and account level without any manual process

Active management of "To Do items" and related tasks, both that are assigned to other colleagues as well as assigned to the logged in user from the rest of the business

Set minimum standards on service for individual clients (against specific logged in users) and have proactive alerts to ensure fulfillment

Account Management

Empower account managers like never before to align client service requirements with the service organization

Integrated account planning and budgeting capability to feed business management as well as aid client service team

Total transparency across each account on individuals and their respective roles, and their coverage responsibilities on an account

Real-time maintenance of account service teams, by adding to or removing clients from an individual’s call list

Email/Telephony Integration

One-touch click-2-dial capability via cloud-based VOIP or via integration with dealer-boards

Integrate with MS Outlook to personalize bulk email delivery; and tracking responses from clients on investment ideas

Powerful drop-box feature to bring in communication from other email systems into the platform and stored against each client profile

All calls and emails logged automatically; no need for tedious logging tasks once a particular activity is executed against a client


Powerful prospecting tool to target specific clients with specific ideas or initiatives based on their responsibilities and work priorities

Tag each client to specific instruments; industries; markets or themes and then design follow up campaigns around such tagged profiles

Roadshow Management

Simple to use, intuitive workflow, and drag-n-drop capabilities to run and manage roadshow preparations

Ensure the most appropriate clients (in terms of either priorities or interests) are targeted for specific roadshow invitations

Seamlessly integrate REFINITIV StreetSight buy-side portfolio holdings and contacts database to feed your roadshow invitation capabilities

Generate itineraries; commit meetings in MS Outlook calendar; incorporate logistics planning; and capture client feedback (on meetings) all within easy reach

Management Reporting

One-click ability to generate standardized management reports that are both customizable as well as created as per your requirements

Ensure complete transparency and accountability across the client service organization, via proactive and insightful reporting

Make better resource allocation decisions across the client service organization and ensure your clients get a best-in-class service

Empower account managers and business managers to measure proactively measure performance against revenue generation

Conference Management

Powerful and robust conference management capability that integrates with the underlying client data within the broader client management platform

Manage multiple venues; hotels, logistics and travel planning; including pre and post conference trips and events, all on one platform

Powerful algorithm that in seconds matches clients to their preferred corporates and their availability; and similarly changes managed via the meeting slots auto-generation feature

Drag-n-drop feature across the platform in order, making it intuitive and easy to use

Buy-side Intelligence

Integrated within ClientManager is the REFINITIV StreetSight global Buy-side database of Stock Ownership and Institutional Profiles with over 198,000 contacts, 29,000 institutions, and coverage of over 40,000 funds

Intelligently target your clients based on their fund holdings and improve your service relevance exponentially

Integrate with Campaigns, Roadshows and Screening tools within the platform to target as well as widen your clientele

Empower your sales-trading professionals with ready-to-action data points and intelligence and win greater market share

Investor Sentiment

Tag your clients to specific themes, sectors, countries or instrument for maximum impact with minimum tedium

Aggregate client intelligence across markets or specific themes (or instruments) to drive targeted campaigns for maximum impact

Ability to tag clients to positive-negative-neutral tags around tickers, sectors, markets and themes and then track how these preferences evolve over time and drive more relevant service to your clients

Look for inflection points across your client base when it comes to changing sentiments around instruments and ideas; allowing you to sharpen your sales pitch!

Settlements Integration

Track trading patterns and volume of activities across the client base in order to link such intelligence back to client servicing initiatives

Track trades, commission generation; and link all of that to feed client profitability calculation as well as rank clients on their basis of their service intensity (as a unit of revenue)

Link trade settlements data on the basis of instruments and sectors to the research publication; to gauge the commercial impact of the research product

Gain useful insights on your clients via their trading patterns with your organization, as well as the intelligence held within the REFINITIV StreetSight buy-side data set