Investment Research Organization

ANALEC ResearchWise is a next generation investment research platform geared to address the challenges posed by the new realities in the research marketplace with the growing importance of social media; while raising the customer engagement quotient of your research in the market place.

Integrate and streamline your research process

One integrated investment research platform – right from managing analysts’ estimates and forecasts; feeding report authoring, workflow approval and compliance management; global database of valuation, estimates and industry metrics across coverage; and intelligent content distribution to clients.

Peace of mind on compliance and workflow discipline

You are only as good as your weakest link. ResearchWise ensures there are no gaps and inconsistencies in your compliance and workflow approval process within your investment research organization, when it comes to publishing research.

Innovation in Research Authoring and Distribution

Investment research organizations need to keep pace with technology innovation and evolving consumer habit when it comes to content consumption. ResearchWise ensures just that, by helping investment research organizations to leverage cutting edge capabilities to increase the shelf-life of their research ideas, while ensuring they get maximum visibility.

Engage your clients like never before

Research is not bought; it’s sold! In a competitive marketplace, ResearchWise allows your investment research organization to deliver bespoke capabilities to your clients; leveraging interactive tools and capabilities and social media platforms to build greater mind-share in the market.

Report Authoring

Produce a 7-page Company Update note in less than 12 seconds, within 3 clicks of the mouse

Ensure all reports have mandatory fields correctly populated at all times

Ensure integrity of financial estimates and forecasts feeding into research reports

Intelligent, conditional formatting and embedded data fields in reports to bring in data as well as feed from the report to other systems (or portals)

Quality Control

Complete peace of mind when it comes to consistency in financial forecasts and estimates in research reports

Violation checks in the workflow approval process to ensure proper checks and balances

Maintain research product branding and look-n-feel across multiple products and offices

Reduce the tedium at the analyst end to ensure quality compliance

Central Repository

Maintain one global repository, across the firm, of financials and valuation data across the coverage universe

All research reports distributed to clients, stored in one electronic location, with back-up provisions to a disaster recovery site

Built-in market data feed to ensure all valuation content is kept up-to-date within the system

Meet your clients’ requests, both ad-hoc and recurring, on data points far more efficiently and swiftly

Workflow Approval

Robust and flexible workflow approval capability built into the MS Office suite

Whether you are a single office operation or a global organization, the approval process adapts to your specific needs

Built-in alert notifications and violation checks at all stages, ensures your final output to clients is both high on quality as well as adheres to the workflow discipline

Seamlessly feeds the content distribution engine with branded emails to each individual client as well as feeds to third-party portals

Research Compliance

Robust and elaborate research compliance capabilities that meets both internal organization controls as well as regulatory compliance

Intelligently drop disclaimer/disclosures in each research report, based on specific references within the report that triggers such disclaimer/disclosures

Maintain a robust document management system that maintains an historical log of all activities within the workflow process for possible regulatory scrutiny

Multi-jurisdictional compliance across the globe.

Product Automation

Take content from earlier published research reports to feed other reports and portals

Produce analyst marketing material in PowerPoint in seconds, using published research content

Produce aggregated summaries (e.g., Morning Pack, Earnings Guide) on research published, in seconds and feed the client service organization

Transform your traditional research into a blog form without any delay and manual involvement

Content Distribution

Powerful rules-based distribution engine that accurately capture your client’s research preferences

Seamlessly feed your research to a range of third-party portals: Bloomberg; FactSet; Thomson Reuters, Wall Street Systems, Capital IQ, and IFIS

Ensure compliance checks on distribution engine; based on jurisdictions and domicile of clients and client organizations

Distribution preferences are easy to maintain and syncs back and forth with your CRM platform

Readership Intelligence

Track research consumption behavior across your clients and across mediums (e.g., delivered emails, portal, third-party sites, blogs, Twitter etc.)

Get more color on your clients accessing your research; based on their service priorities and importance to your firm

Track longevity of use of your research publications and the aggregated click-through rates over time

Live Dashboard to track research consumption patterns across the firm; or region; or specific products

Client Service

Significant bespoke content delivery and client servicing tools to enrich the client servicing experience

Customize content delivery to each of your client’s (or client organizations) based on their specific requirements, both in terms of data-points and presentation formats

Schedule periodic content delivery to clients on set dates and times; and the system does the rest for you!

Deliver your analysts’ financial forecast models in an interactive form to your clients (via a secure web-browser), without losing control of the embedded intellectual property

Social Media Engagement

Make content consumable in bite-size form; with maximum recall value and minimum tedium

SA (Supervisory Analyst) approve all social media commentary (i.e., Twitter posts/comments) via built-in approval checks in the workflow approval process

Embed interactive video content within research notes, via the workflow approval process, and raise the engagement quotient of your research

Build larger mind-share and brand presence across the digital eco-system when it comes to content delivery