Conference Management System

Robust end-to-end conference management

Give your corporate access business the necessary tools to set up, manage and deliver successful conferences

From signing up, to preferences to slot allocation

Helps your organization fight the classic 80:20 challenge, wherein 20% of your clients are responsible for 80% of your business. Helping to optimize your sales & trading footprint across your clients, on the basis of importance and priorities.

Tie into core client data within the active CRM

A suite of powerful and robust management reporting tools that is not only able to meet your regular but bespoke needs, without delay or tedium; thereby improve the impact of your managerial decision-making.

Conference Structure

Manage various types of conference activities like Pre/Post conference tours (e.g., Industrial Visits or entertainment tours) and actual conference days within event/conference

Flexibility to use one or multiple venues for a conference for e.g., one Hotel used for the actual meetings while the second one being used by attendees to stay

Manage Meeting Rooms, Room capacity, Room type and Room availability across conference and enable different level of intelligence checks while booking the meetings

Attendees Management

One click access to conference attendees (Client, Corporates or internal staff) data within the integrated client management platform; Selection of Client and Corporate Attendees based on Priority Levels, Sector Types and/or Coverage Area

Manage attendee’s visa requirement, pickup-drop off, hotel, food preferences to provide best experience to the attendees; Manage documents/presentations/media for corporates to be distributed to clients attending meetings

Capture attendee’s conference availability and meeting preferences to efficiently book the meetings

Capture language preferences for each attendee to assess translator requirements (internal or external) which could be assigned while booking the meetings

Schedule Management

Flexibility to create meeting slots manually or use our Auto slot creator that utilizes an intelligent algorithm for creating multiple meetings slots in a single click. The algorithm takes into account various user defined parameters such as meeting breaks required, room availability, meeting type, slot time etc., for creating the slots

Flexibility to book meetings manually using a simple Drag-n-drop feature or use our Auto Meeting Creator that uses another algorithm to book clients-corporates automatically by considering their availabilities and preferences

Attendance Management

Mark individual attendance against meetings to generate Productivity statistics across different priority clients as Post event analysis

Manage attendance against social activities like city tour and industrial visits to estimate the overhead expenses

Administration Tools

Value add Off lining functionality so that a conference can be taken off from the corporate network (in case of restricted architecture at an organization) and can be used at a separate network in a hotel

Effective and easy-to-use Import & Export feature to bulk upload the attendees data using MS Excel

Various easy to use user interfaces for managing configurations used across the Conference system

Reports & Itineraries

Generate and email individual itineraries (Draft/final versions) to attendees using your preferred format i.e., Excel, PDF, Text or Word; Option to generate bulk itineraries for Corporates and Client Attendees as well

Simple and easy to use badge generation process to generate thousands of custom defined badges within seconds

Powerful Reporting Module that contains custom built conference related reports that are made available in your choice of format i.e., Excel, Pdf, Word and Text; Reports are available in a form of allocation statistic reports, open slots reports, conflict reports, audit reports and attendee request reports